Epic Games thinks of a no-build mode for Fortnite


The construction could disappear from the famous battle royale in a new competitive mode that the Epic Games team is working on, according to the latest leaks.

One of the features that make Fortnite  a unique competitive game is the ability to build structures defensively . For this reason, it has been placed as one of the best battle royales in recent years. 

Despite this, Epic Games is developing a new no-build mode for Fortnite . As @HYPEX , a Fortnite content creator, tweeted , this new way of playing could be a hit. It would become a challenge for the most expert players and only attack ability and use of the environment as defense would be measured.

No Construction Duos Mode

The construction mode is an idea born with the game itself, implicitly included in the battle royale even before the existence of the competitive mode. It is difficult to imagine Fortnite without the constructions in full battle , but if it is true, we will have to get used to the idea.

For now it is unknown if this new mode will be between more than two players. The leaker has only published an image where the supposed mode without construction can be played in the Duos mode. It’s hard to imagine Epic leaving it out of the rest of the modes.No Construction Mode Duos / Epic Games

Non-build mode would be Fortnite’s answer to all those new players complaining about how difficult it is to access the game. The discontent of the rookies is on the difficulty curve. The most veteran build defensive walls impossible to penetrate in just a few seconds.

This new way of playing could be a breath of fresh air that you’ve been needing the game for a long time. For both new and veteran players, this all-new mode could be a very effective way to balance the game.

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